Creating Rituals of Success for a Startup Company.

Creating Rituals of Success for a Startup Company

Creating Rituals of Success for a Startup Company.

Every company at some point in its lifecycle will need to implement processes as it scales to be able to run more efficiently. But have you ever heard of rituals within a startup company?

Manola Atala of Get Fair Play which launched at the beginning of the pandemic, swears by the importance of creating rituals that have long-lasting impacts on the company’s growth. His varied career from musician to group CEO of Groupon in North LATAM has given him a wealth of experience to help visualise his path and journey to arrive at Get Fair Play today. His vast experience has also helped him build rituals that have become an important part of his startup company. These rituals have then become processes that help the mentality and mindset of all involved and aid continued growth in operations.

“A tiny ritual that you be consistent with could become a really good process in the future.” - Manolo

Here are three of the rituals at his startup company that he shared with me.

The hiring ritual

Earlier in his career, Manolo adopted the approach of hiring fast and fire faster. He’s since changed his mind about this and now hires slow and fires fast. This ritual helps him see if there’s not only a technical fit but also a cultural fit. Through first, second and third interviews, he maintains an honest and open approach with an emphasised need to have the right training and onboarding processes in place too. He credits this hiring ritual to one that sweeps up the best talent and pushes his business forward.

The manual lead generation ritual

Manolo shared a story that many entrepreneurs can probably relate to. At the early stages of his startup company, every night he and his Head of Customer Success took screenshots from Instagram. This was their main source of lead generation that quickly and naturally became a ritual. As the company grew, they hired people, implemented a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that evolved into a team with a lead nurturing process.

The all-hands ritual

Each month they reunite as a company to discuss milestones and learnings. Rituals quickly emerged from this such as everyone expressing their respective objectives and key results (OKR). Each team gets a chance to share how they’re evolving with their goals and their achievements from the prior month. At the end of the meeting, they put their heads together to solve the problems that have been mentioned. This has proven to be a really good ritual that helps everyone to be empathetic of everyone’s problems.

Rituals become processes and then they become goals - everything is linked. Listen to the full podcast here and share with me the rituals your startup company has.

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