become a top gun marketer

Becoming a Top Gun Marketer

Are you a Top Gun marketer?

The term “Top Gun” does not just apply to pilots in fighter jets.

Every profession has their “Top Guns.” These are the men and women that set the bar, that succeed in abundance. They are the ones that everyone tries to emulate.

A “Top Gun Marketer” is someone that can launch a company and lift it into the heavens at astounding speeds. It’s a person who knows how to turn your products and services into glowing items that people wait in line to get.

I believe one of the most important skills of a Top Gun Marketer is the same skill as that of a Top Gun Pilot.

And that one skill is…. Drum roll…


Just as piloting a jet fighter at Mach 2.5 and hitting the target against enemy forces is not a given, neither is marketing a company. It takes many skills to successfully market an enterprise.

Like flying fighter jet, marketing takes patience,
it takes critical thinking ability,
it takes communication skills, just to name a few.

But mostly it takes not getting flustered when you are “up in the air” trying to hit a bull’s eye while being shot at. That’s marketing.

I learned this lesson these last few years in my own consulting business in which I help fintech businesses scale. You can have the best product or service, but it means nothing without marketing skills to hit the mark and nerves of steel to make it happen.

The good news is nerves of steel can be developed in a marketer, just as it is in a Top Gun jet pilot. No one is born with steel nerves. Developing them is part of the process.

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