business is war

Business Is War—How To Win

Business Is War—How To Win.

Someone once said that business is war without bullets. True enough. Businesses compete against other businesses for the same “territory.” (Customers.)

How do you win the war? (Keep reading.)

Imagine a General in a bullet war that wears many hats. Not only must he or she create a strategic plan to beat the enemy, but also must gather the guns, ammunition, food supplies and tanks, etc. And then the General must hit the field and fight the enemy!

Such a General would lose the war before it ever began.

Yet, I find many executive/founders being that General who is wearing all those hats. Its why they get grey hair.

Founders and executives become burnt out and less effective because they wear too many hats.

Bottomline. Like building an army, business success comes about by delegating hats to qualified personnel.

My book that you can download here; Unlock Hidden Profit Zones, is about increasing your profits.

One of the major ways to achieve higher profits is to get the executive/founders to stop wearing so many hats and concentrate on that one thing they do best.

In my consulting business, I utilize a proprietary system that allows executives to turn over the hats they’re wearing that need to be delegated. The result? Those businesses start to rapidly grow.

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