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How to Position your Fintech to Stand Out?

How to Position your Fintech to Stand Out?

Here is a profit-making tip that you’ll find helpful:

In a crowded marketplace, how you position your business is of utmost importance. You must clearly communicate how you are different from the competition.

If you can’t explain exactly what your product/service does, and make it shine and sizzle in a different way, no one will notice you.

Here’s a simple but powerful trick you can do to brand/position your business.  When describing your service or product start with the word “Unlike.” For example, if you had a beer company you might say:

“Unlike other beers that leave a bitter taste in your mouth because of sulfur residue from their brewing process, Better Beer offers a sulfur-free, clean, and refreshing taste that is healthier for you as well.”

With this example you instantly separate yourself from the competition.

Sometimes the word “Instead” is more appropriate than “Unlike” depending on your business.

For example, this is often how I describe what my company, Scaleup Consulting, does for businesspeople:

“Instead of wasting your time and money with cookie-cutter marketing approaches that fail, Scaleup Consulting will help design a unique and proven marketing program based on the special gift you bring to the world. Our goal, always, is your increased profits.”

Describe your product or service starting with “Instead” or “Unlike” and it will take on a whole new flavor.

Write out a few examples of your own regarding the product or service you offer. Use this type of messaging in your marketing and even verbal sales. It does wonders.

And please feel free to email me what you came up with. I’d love to see it!

Let me know if you'd like to chat more about this offline.