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Is Lack Of Confidence Hurting Your Fintech?

Is Lack Of Confidence Hurting Your Fintech?

I have a confession:

I work with powerful business founders and executives every day and many lack confidence.

As a business consultant, I pretty quickly see how lack of confidence holds a person or a business back from success. It happens far more than you realize.

I talk about confidence relating to success in my book, Unlock Hidden Profit Zones, which you can download for free. Confidence is the bedrock foundation of success.

Below is a tip to increase your confidence in any area.

The funny thing about confidence is it’s not just a personal feeling. Others feel your confidence as well, or lack of.

Confidence is like an invisible energy that you radiate. When you got it, you attract people and positive circumstances to you. When you lack it, just the opposite happens.

You can have the best product, the most brilliant idea, the best intentions, but if you lack confidence, it can all be for not.

Here’s a simple thing you can do right now to boost your confidence in any area:

When it comes to business, I almost always find that lack of confidence is a symptom of lack of knowhow.

This can apply to anything: your leadership skills, your sales abilities, or even not being confident in how to handle people/employees. Lack of confidence = lack of knowhow.

Make a list of those areas where you don’t feel entirely confident, and you’ll find it’s almost always because you are missing the real nuts ‘n bolts knowledge and techniques on how to do those things.

I don’t feel confident flying an airplane. That’s because I don’t know how to fly an airplane.

Could it really be that simple? I find (short of putting you on a couch and regressing you back to your childhood) it often is that simple relating to business.

Knowhow includes not just knowledge but also the ability to do things through practice. You can know all about how to fly a plane, but if you don’t practice it, you’ll lack confidence.

Hope this helps.

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