improve sales

Want to improve your sales?

Stop hard selling people. And…

Stop soft selling people.

From my experience neither hard sell nor, soft sell is very workable.

While hard sell (sometimes called crush sell) might work on a temporary basis, it’s toxic to the long-term growth of a company. People don’t’ like to be pushed. Eventually they stay away.

Soft Sell is for salespeople who believe that making the prospect feel good (or at least comfortable) is the key to sales. This of course, does work, to a degree. As long as the prospect is agreeable.

But there comes a point in most sales presentations where, for the sale to occur, the prospect gets slightly uncomfortable. I call this the “Let me think about it” stage.

Salespeople most often lose the prospect in the “Let me think about it” stage. Sales people don’t know what to do. They either push too hard, or don’t push at all.

How you handle the “Let me think about” stage has everything to do with your sales success.

What works best, in my experience, is what I call Care Sell.

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