ScaleUp Consulting is a fintech consulting company that helps companies scale faster, smarter, and easier while enjoying more profits.


ScaleUp consulting brings decades of  hard won experience in the fintech/banking industry having worked with some of the largest and most notable international corporations in the world. We service both the big and small, both startups and corporates.

How We Do It

We consult and apply a hands-on growth methodology to assure every client’s needs are met. We despise cookie cutter approaches to scaling a business because every operation is unique and different. We create custom programs to fit the needs of each client. We take the journey with you.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to champion our client’s aspirations and business goals with effective scaling techniques and passion. We work to bring out the unique service and personality that your business has to offer the world.

Investment Advisory Board

Success isn’t always a matter of what you know but who you know. Having the right contacts can mean the difference between success and failure.

Because the Fintech Scaling Podcast is one of the biggest and most influential podcasts in the fintech industry we have been in the unique position to make many friends over the years by cultivating relationships with people that have invested and received investment capital.

One purpose of ours is to connect people with the right people. All of our clients, through our Think Tank and by other means, have the opportunity to meet and connect with associates who may help them or advise them concerning investment capital and other things. This connection device is not part of our consulting service, but rather a nice perk for those who engage with ScaleUp Consulting.

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"We understand it's all about ROI. That's why we take an analytical approach to each project based on our experience, statistical data and market trends to assure sure ROI is achieved. Our clients consistently see increased profits and sustainable growth."

- Richard Doherty, Founder & CEO of ScaleUp Consulting and Author of “Unlock Hidden Profit Zones”.

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