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Statistics show that 78% of the workforce leaves their job because of their boss, so it’s critical to build your leadership skills that allow you to effectively communicate and inspire your team.

Training and employee development is part of effective leadership, and one above any other that brings about expansion and stability. Competence of your people translates into a company that knows what it is doing, is able to rapidly and effectively correct itself and whose employees are, on their own volition, all forwarding expansion.

This is how you create and lead a real team, a powerful group whose members are all moving in the same direction on a path to success.

A High-Growth Fintech Company Struggling to Migrate Customers into their Business Post Acquisition

A high-growth fintech company had acquired a global client base from a partner, and needed to migrate 75% of ARR in year one to ensure further investment. They had tried to set up a program to drive the initiative forward, but with minimal success.

We were bought in to bolster the team in a leadership capacity, and boost their approach to migrating customers into their business. We  coached the senior leadership team and outlined a business development lead campaign using new media. We focused the campaign on communicating using customer pain points, and rolled this out via email, webinars and video which led to high interest and engagement from acquisition customers.

This program alone resulted in three top 25 clients migrating within 6 months.

An established service company struggling to position their tech product in the market and build the systems to achieve growth.

An established services company was looking to diversify their business by creating a tech spin-off to help their FTSE500 customers build stronger cashflow management systems. They had tried traditional routes of referrals, networking, demos and going on a roadshow but results were slow

I was bought in with the objective to help identify different strategize to optimize their PR, marketing and sales process. They needed new a fresh approach to generate leads and build credibility in the market that would lead to higher sales conversions.

On top of this they wanted to optimize their operational capabilities across people, product and process to lay the platform for systematic and efficient growth.

I coached the CEO, created messaging that spoke in the customers language and we deployed new media tactics to create interest and engagement with prospects.

A High Growth Fintech Battling to Setup Local and International Operations on their road to expansion.

A Fintech was going through a period of growth which had resulted in their client base increasing both in terms of number and geographic locations. Overnight they had expanded 5X.

As the business scaled so things were starting to fall through the cracks, so I was bought in to setup a system to achieve lean scaling control and efficiencies

I worked hand-in-glove with the senior management team to outline a 90-day program of work that would be implemented across all business functions

Directing and coaching a new team I managed to:

  • Improve cross functional collaboration through providing space to communicate, and a framework to follow
  • Upgrade critical part of customer facing activities, allowing for teams to work in-sync, provide better support and communication to customers, standardize products/service, and improve financial wellbeing
  • Breakout customer support allowing for better responsiveness to customers and improving the lifetime value.

Our approach builds on-demand relationships, generates content that builds influence, and rises you up above all the noise.

  • Have employees dedicated and aligned to the overall mission
  • Have confidence in your ability to lead teams
  • Have effective teams delivering to plan, leading to focused department results and happy team
  • Have established training system, resulting in increased production across the company
  • Have successful application of managing by statistics to timely forecast the expansion or contraction of your company.

Our Values

As we scale up our mountain, we are constantly looking to our North Star for guidance. So, we’ve put together three values that shape us and keep us in check:

The Impossible, is Possible:
“It always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela

Learn Continually:
“The only thing I can do is learn, and put all I have into everything” – Jurgen Klopp

Empower Others to Rise Up:
“With education, you have everything you need to rise above all the noise and fulfill every last one of your dreams” – Michelle Obama

Why You Should Invest in the ScaleUp Method

EXPERTLY manage your audience, prospects, and customers.

SKILLFULLY promote your product to the public.

EFFECTIVELY lead & communicate to the public.

STRENGTHEN your presence in the market.

Building EXPERTISE to boost your brand.

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