Leadership Lessons From the Founder of a Fintech Company

Contrary to many entrepreneurs, Ned Phillips didn’t start Bambu in 2016 because he was purpose-driven about building a great business, but because he wanted to create a company where people would enjoy working. Passionate about modern-day management philosophies teamed with a diverse and global career history, he shared his unique perspective and leadership lessons with

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Creating Rituals of Success for a Startup Company

Every company at some point in its lifecycle will need to implement processes as it scales to be able to run more efficiently. But have you ever heard of rituals within a startup company? Manola Atala of Get Fair Play which launched at the beginning of the pandemic, swears by the importance of creating rituals

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How Focusing on People and Culture Helped this Startup Company Scale

Nick Jones (founder and CEO) and Eddie Robb (Commercial Director) are part of the team at a startup company, Zumo, founded in 2017. They’ve been making waves in the exciting and upcoming cryptocurrency space, where there’s been a growing consumer acceptance in recent years. During my time with them, I got to understand how their

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Business Growth Strategies for Fintech Startups

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and an evolving approach to retail investing, I spoke to Yorick Naeff to understand his business growth strategies as a fintech startup. The COO of Bux, founded in early 2014, he has scaled into 10 countries in Europe with more than 350,000 clients. Fintech startups need a killer product or

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3 Steps to Digital Disruption and Scaling a Business in Automotive Repair

Scaling a business is something most entrepreneurs aspire for when starting their business. A lot of startups fail in their first few years so to be able to scale is an indicator of success. I was lucky enough to speak to Derk Roodhuyzen, founder and CEO of Fixico. Not only did he successfully scale his

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