What the Ukraine War Can Teach You about Gathering Enthusiastic Supporters for Your Business

By Richard Doherty

Today, the main pursuit of both the businessperson and the military leader is the minds of the people. The “bullets” are information, and the weapons used to fire the salvos are social media, videos, webinars, podcasts, and, in general, online communications.

This is an article about business success, not military strategy.

However, there may be no better example of how to use the business “weapons” at your disposal to win over customers than how the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has used the internet to stand up to one of the most powerful militaries in the world.  

Zelensky has used the internet to gather an audience, woo them onto his side, and spur them into action. Currently, he has about a 90 percent approval rating in Western countries in his efforts to keep Ukraine free.

It has been reported that even Russian soldiers, after seeing posts by Zelensky or his team on social media and online videos, have left their posts and gone home.

If not for Zelensky’s intelligent and strategic use of the internet and social media, Putin’s goal to overrun Ukraine and depose its government may have already been achieved.

Zelensky’s message is everywhere: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TV, and other social media. He has even made an appearance during the Grammy awards in the U.S. As a result, Ukraine has gotten heaps of financial aid and other forms of support from around the world in its fight against Russia.

If Zelensky can successfully capture the minds of people with the use of online communications while his country is being bombed, why can’t you do the same in the peace and quiet of your office?


You can—and you can win your business “war” as a result.

Just like Zelensky, online communication allows you to gather an audience, woo them onto your side, and spur them into action—the end result being more customers and more revenue.

You may be thinking, “Social media is great, but neither I nor my business is involved in anything as attention-riveting as a war.”

Granted, getting millions of viewers on social media to empathize with a country being invaded by a hostile force is easier than gathering attention for your business. Nevertheless, the same social media “weapons” can be deployed by you to win more customers.

So, how do you create a captivated online audience without being engaged in war or another atrocity? It is a challenge I help my clients with every day in my consulting business: how can they create an enthusiastic online audience?

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