We Unpack your Uniqueness and Potential

Every business and person is unique and has the power to transform entire industries and even lives. But uniqueness alone cannot guarantee you reach your full potential. And I believe for your full potential to be realised and your uniqueness to be recognised, you must fearlessly lead and communicate with your audience in a manner that rises you above the noise. And in so doing what you’re going to find is you:

  • Have access to a ready-to-buy set of customers
  • Active pipeline of qualifies prospects to have conversations with week-on-week
  • Confident your message and brand is being heard.

I personally walk through the 3-step Scale Up Method with you, to bring your uniqueness to our industry. And through the process you will:

  • Build confidence in your ability to lead teams in a growing company
  • Gain expert understanding of how to expertly manage your target market
  • Strengthen your presence in the market so your customers view you as the thought leader
  • Skillfully promoting your product to the public
  • Effectively communicating your message to the public in a manner that evokes a response.

Process Steps

We run a five-step implementation process to make certain we achieve your results.

  • Discover: Step 1
    We start out with an in-depth interview with you to get a feel of your company, your situation, the growth points and friction areas.

  • Design: Step 2
    We design a tailored program containing all the steps to bring your company up to an entire new level of operation.
  • Fine Tune: Step 3
    We coordinate and fine-tune until this program fully fits your needs.
  • Implement: Step 4
    We start to implement this program through coaching, instruction and meetings via Zoom.
  • Run: Step 5
    We run weekly zoom sessions to go through the program content, which provides time for review and progress, and allow you to organise follow-up drop-in sessions to make certain weekly targets are achieved.

Our Results

Mission Engagement: 98%

Communication Effectiveness: 97%

Leadership Coaching:

Successful Training:

Support Responsiveness: 96%

Read the feedback from our Fintech Scaling Show Guests!

“I feel that Richard is truly creating something special, and I am not only talking about The Fintech Show, I am talking about the community that he is creating in order to inspire entrepreneurs in their search. He is also filling a gap that exists due to the fact that most players in the entrepreneurship world focus on how startups can take an idea to a product or service in the market, however there are not so many working on how to properly scale a business once you’ve reached a product-market fit. Thank you Richard for creating such an ecosystem for scale ups to increase their chances of success.”

Gonzalo Ceballos, CEO, and Co-Founder, Opseeker

“I really enjoyed being part of the Fintech Scaling Show and chatting to Richard. It was beneficial to talk about the challenges and how, to date, they have been overcome. Almost like therapy. It’s also really good for one to openly chat about things with people who are familiar with the problems others in your peer group face. Highly recommended!”

Fabian Fischer, Founder and Managing Director, MassUP

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Richard on the Fintech scaling show. All interactions have been enjoyable and very professional. It felt like it was a real conversation (although I did do significantly more talking than Richard ) and that Richard had genuine interest in what I was saying. I got triggered on a number of topics that helped me reflect on them better. Richard help me in knowing what to expect and in preparing myself. The feedback that I have been getting so far is very positive.”

Jan Speelman, Country Manager Netherlands, Agicap

“To Richard & The FinTech Scaling show, a big thank you for hosting me and having me on your show. The show increased traffic to our website, grew our following and helped us get on the map. Richard is an excellent host who always asks great questions and ensures the listeners really get something out. Look forward to listening to all your future episodes.”

Simon Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder, Smart Wage

“It was a pleasure being a part of the show and thank you for being a great host, we navigated some sensitive topics around the pivot and rebuilding the business and it was a testament to your style that it was a very natural, comfortable conversation. I mentioned on Linkedin that it was a quasi therapy session to get it all out in the open. Not sure I can be more positive than that.”

Tom Britton, Co-Founder, Syndicate Room

“Before I had the honor of being a guest on The Fintech Scaling Show with Richard, I was a fan of the show’s incredible content. (I’m still a fan). Listening to the podcast has helped me a lot to better understand my industry and the experience of dozens of talented people sharing knowledge and insights has been invaluable. Also, having had the opportunity to share my own experience with other entrepreneurs makes me feel that I am giving back a bit of what I have received from The Fintech Scaling Show.”

Manolo Atala, Co-Founder & CEO, Fairplay

“Why do I like Richard’s Scaling Fintech podcast? It is the combination of the topic, but also Richard’s very personal approach. To be more precise:  We discussed in our interview the purpose and Richard Shared his experience of meeting Mandela. It is just one of the examples of really connecting to the topic and diving one level deeper. And that deeper Level makes – IMHO – the difference.”

Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder, Viisi

“The Fintech Scaling Show delivers great insights. It digs deep into what makes Europe’s most influential fintechs tick, and most importantly it also shares the knowledge within the community. A very valuable way to spend 30 minutes!”

Søren Nielsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Subaio

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