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Imagine setting out on a journey to the other side of the world and having no map to follow.

You can just start moving in one direction and hope that you arrive.

Or you can follow a well paved route that is designed by a master map maker to take you to your exact destination without getting lost on by-roads and uncharted territory.

For every businessperson the destination is maximum profits and lasting prosperity.

Business consultant extraordinaire, Richard Doherty, is a veteran “business map maker” who has laid out the routes for you. All you need to do is travel it.

The Profit and Prosperity Routes are designed to take you from your existing scene (where your business is now) to your destination of maximum profits and lasting prosperity.

The Profit and Prosperity Programs

Destination: A prosperous fintech business that achieves maximum profits and long-term prosperity in alignment with the vision of the founders and decision makers of that business.

Every business is constructed of Profit Zones—sections of the business that are involved in various zones of activity that contribute to the prosperity and profits of the business.

The Profit and Prosperity Programs establish and improve these Profit Zones:

• Power of Brand

• Media Influencer

• Online Marketing

• Command Leadership

• Organizational Design

• Executive Transition

• Management Change


Details below…

Power of Brand Program

This program addresses the foundational elements needed to brand a fintech business to achieve predominance and lasting growth in the industry and not be overshadowed by the competition.

Branding Strategy – Conceptualizing a new brand or reinventing an existing brand with a high-level concept so that it will penetrate the marketplace resulting in maximum exposure and longevity.

Brand Prominence – Building a brand with all its components from A to Z that can be easily communicated over several platforms and will resonate with your audience to generate organic company growth.

Purpose Power – Identifying your brand’s purpose, articulating it to align with your Brand Concept and communicating it across all your media channels both within and outside your company.

Brand Positioning – Identifying how to position your brand in the marketplace so that it owns its own space in relationship to competitors and stands out from the crowd.

Brand Messaging – Developing and communicating the core benefits of your brand through various sources such as social media, website, news media, brochures, and advertising.

Media Influencer Program

This program is designed to help you master online media channels to build an audience of enthusiastic followers and grow your customer base.

Online Marketing – Establishing which social media to use, and outreach methods to employ, including podcast, webinars, advertising, LinkedIn, You Tube, and other media.

Social Media – How to build an enthusiastic audience with social media, interest them in the value of your products or services all toward the end of becoming customers.

Podcast Extraordinaire – Enhancing, expanding, or launching a podcast that attracts a thirsty audience of potential customers and elevates you or your business as an influencer in your industry.

Major Influencer – Establishing your powerful brand identity to not only stand out in the crowd but become a major influencer in your field of commerce.

Organizational Design Program

The best ideas, services, and products can die from lack of organization. This program concentrates on aligning all the zones within your business, so they fire at full capacity with the least amount of friction to achieve the highest profits.

Strategic Planning – Creating an overall plan that will coordinate all the activities in your operation to achieve the stated goal of expansion, increased sales, and profits.

Identifying Profit Zones – Identifying the zones within your operation that will bring you the most profits and infusing those zones with the correct actions and personnel to achieve maximum production.

Management by Metrics – Assigning a statistic to key areas of your organization and managing personnel responsible for those areas according to production rather than emotion.

Organizational Structure – Procedures for building a strong self-expanding organization that scales your business and gives you and others more time, rather than steal your valuable time.

Team Talent – You are only as good as your team. Talent is more difficult to find today. You will learn how to find, inspire, and hold on to talented team members who assist in your company growth.

Production Coordination – The more finely tuned your organization the more profits can be generated. Flawless coordination of every department, person, and action in your company will be emphasized.

Management Change

This program is for any company or corporation that is going through a change in management or structure and desires a smooth transition that continues company growth, viability, and profitability.

High Efficiency– Changing management can kill efficiency and production. Every department and zone of your business is addressed as how to best keep efficiency and productivity at a high level during the transitional period.

Media Control – Emphasis on keeping the news media notified and reporting positively on the management change and using social media as a tool for positive reporting on the change.

Organizational Stability – Emphasis on keeping the company’s organization form together and all departments and zones working efficiently and smoothly at a high level during the transitional period.

Leadership Control – Stress is put on the new leadership concerning building confidence and trust with the staff, public and media during every phase of the management change.

Revenue and Profit Targets – Setting and hitting production targets under the new management team so that revenues continue to grow, and profits remain stable.


Executive Transition Program

This program is for an executive wanting to transition from their existing position in a company, to a position in a new company, or new endeavor. You will learn how to transition smoothly and easily, while not burning bridges or crashing existing structures.

New Game Plan – Emphasis will be on designing a strategy to start a new game—whether it be starting a new business, writing a book, or some other new game—and winning at it.

Prosperity Designer Program
Each person and business situation are different. Whatever your situation a custom program can be created to utilize any of the above procedures, depending on your needs.

The Prosperity Hotline

90 minutes of one-on-one consultation that addresses that specific problem that seems to be hindering the success of your business (or of you personally). The consultations consist of identifying the problem and working out a solution to “unstick it” so you are more in control of your business and of that difficulty. It is your first step to reaching your ultimate destination.

Proven Step-by-Step Programs

“I feel that Richard is truly creating something special, and I am not only talking about The Fintech Show, I am talking about the community that he is creating in order to inspire entrepreneurs in their search. He is also filling a gap that exists due to the fact that most players in the entrepreneurship world focus on how startups can take an idea to a product or service in the market, however there are not so many working on how to properly scale a business once you’ve reached a product-market fit. Thank you Richard for creating such an ecosystem for scale ups to increase their chances of success.”

Gonzalo Ceballos, CEO, and Co-Founder, Opseeker

“I really enjoyed being part of the Fintech Scaling Show and chatting to Richard. It was beneficial to talk about the challenges and how, to date, they have been overcome. Almost like therapy. It’s also really good for one to openly chat about things with people who are familiar with the problems others in your peer group face. Highly recommended!”

Fabian Fischer, Founder and Managing Director, MassUP

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Richard on the Fintech scaling show. All interactions have been enjoyable and very professional. It felt like it was a real conversation (although I did do significantly more talking than Richard ) and that Richard had genuine interest in what I was saying. I got triggered on a number of topics that helped me reflect on them better. Richard help me in knowing what to expect and in preparing myself. The feedback that I have been getting so far is very positive.”

Jan Speelman, Country Manager Netherlands, Agicap

“To Richard & The FinTech Scaling show, a big thank you for hosting me and having me on your show. The show increased traffic to our website, grew our following and helped us get on the map. Richard is an excellent host who always asks great questions and ensures the listeners really get something out. Look forward to listening to all your future episodes.”

Simon Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder, Smart Wage

“It was a pleasure being a part of the show and thank you for being a great host, we navigated some sensitive topics around the pivot and rebuilding the business and it was a testament to your style that it was a very natural, comfortable conversation. I mentioned on Linkedin that it was a quasi therapy session to get it all out in the open. Not sure I can be more positive than that.”

Tom Britton, Co-Founder, Syndicate Room

“Before I had the honor of being a guest on The Fintech Scaling Show with Richard, I was a fan of the show’s incredible content. (I’m still a fan). Listening to the podcast has helped me a lot to better understand my industry and the experience of dozens of talented people sharing knowledge and insights has been invaluable. Also, having had the opportunity to share my own experience with other entrepreneurs makes me feel that I am giving back a bit of what I have received from The Fintech Scaling Show.”

Manolo Atala, Co-Founder & CEO, Fairplay

“Why do I like Richard’s Scaling Fintech podcast? It is the combination of the topic, but also Richard’s very personal approach. To be more precise:  We discussed in our interview the purpose and Richard Shared his experience of meeting Mandela. It is just one of the examples of really connecting to the topic and diving one level deeper. And that deeper Level makes – IMHO – the difference.”

Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder, Viisi

“The Fintech Scaling Show delivers great insights. It digs deep into what makes Europe’s most influential fintechs tick, and most importantly it also shares the knowledge within the community. A very valuable way to spend 30 minutes!”

Søren Nielsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Subaio

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