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Richard Doherty, CEO ScaleUp Consulting

“Discover my top secrets to maximize your revenue from over 10,000 hours of podcasts with fintech founders & evangelists.” – Richard Doherty

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  • Innovative Marketing Techniques Used by Multi-Million-Dollar Enterprises
  • A Method to Insure Maximum Profits Even as a Startup
  • Leadership Tips That Inspire You and Your Team to Beat Expectations
  • How To Keep Production Roaring Even During A Pandemic
  • How To Create a Self-Expanding Purpose-Driven Business, and MUCH More!

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What people are saying:

Hidden Profit Zones is one of the best books I’ve read on scaling a business, making it more profitable in the digital age, and getting my head in the right place as CEO.”

Jim Valko, CEO Story World Marketing

“I have personally worked with Richard for years. He has great knowledge of both the financial services and the startup sectors. His ideas and insights are always of tremendous value”

Nick Newport, Partner, Intedelta

“Richard is always busy with finding solutions, not only for himself, but for others to take their business forward.”

Johan Van Twist, CEO, Dutch Consulting

About the author, Richard Doherty

Each week Richard hosts the ever-popular podcast—The Fintech Scaling Show—that interviews top CEOs, founders, and evangelists in the fintech industry. He is also the CEO of Scale Up Consulting, a company that helps businesspeople expand their operations by tapping into their Hidden Profit Zones. Through years of hard-won experience Richard has helped countless businesspeople scale to new heights by applying proven and innovative profit building procedures to their companies.

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  • Bonus 1 – A study reveals how a group of salespeople outperformed two other groups selling the same product. The increase in sales came about from a simple but powerful shift in how the salespeople approached their job! You can apply this same technique to your business!

  • Bonus 2 – How one company went from two employees and zero customers to over 750 employees and five million customers in three short years!

  • Bonus 3 – How to use “passionate impartiality” to brand your business for more engagement!

  • Bonus 4 – What “hysterical strength” is and how to use it to quickly boost your production within your business!

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